Favorite Fall Finds

Fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to outfit possibilities. You can dress for cosy weather, but still play around with a bare leg.

I’m wearing a tweed dress from Mango,

lace up heels from Spring (my favorite spot to buy shoes, if you haven’t noticed!)

and a new addition that is quickly making its way up to my favorite new fall item: the “duster coat” from Missguided.

It is so perfect for that “winter in the morning/summer by mid afternoon” thing that autumn loves to treat us to.


This “coat” is unlined, light, but thick enough to block out any cool winds. Honestly, it’s da bomb.com!

I was pretty tentative in buying lace up shoes, seeing how sloppy they look if they happen to slip down the calf, so I gave these babies a test run out to brunch and as usual with Spring, I was thoroughly impressed! The soft felt material clung gently to my legs without having to readjust once. Plus they were only $35CAD (still available here), so they were basically irresistible.

img_3194-1 I like the lace up closed toe shoe as a transition into colder weather, because it provides a bit more coverage without the uncomfortable warmth of boots when the sun comes out to play.



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