I know that guac is extra

That’s why I like it chunky!

I used four avocados, mashed to desired consistency

Then I added half cucumber, one whole tomato, one third red onion, all diced diced

To add flavor, I used cayenne pepper, fresh garlic cloves, pepper, sea salt (ground)

Normally, I use cilantro leaves (I used mint as a great alternative for those who don’t like the taste of cilantro)

Finally, a teaspoon of fresh lime juice

Guac is so fun to make because you can pretty much add anything you want and it will still be delicious!

To reap the health benefits, try substituting Himalayan pink salt (good for detox), being generous with the cayenne pepper (boosts your metabolism, burns fat), and trying to hide as many nutritious veggies in there as possible. Keep the calories low by being wise about what crackers or chips you dip! Although avocado is high in fat, in moderation it is beneficial.



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