Simple & Savoury

As a kid, I was never forced to eat the dreadful Brussel sprouts that were a common joke in sitcoms. At 23 years old, I tried them for the first time and to tell you the truth- I’m obsessed! My babe puts them in a pan on low-medium heat with olive/coconut oil, fries them then steams them for a few minutes, adding salt, pepper and lemon juice. Over Christmas holidays, I was requesting Brussel sprouts (and Brussel sprouts alone) for lunch, dinner, or even a snack during movies! They reminded me of how much I love sautéed vegetables in a frying pan, so it inspires me to start making these super easy veggie bowls!

The ingredients:
To keep it healthy, I keep it simple. Olive oil, sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, pepper and lemon juice are my go-to’s, but I’ll add cayenne for a metabolism boost if I’m feeling adventurous!

For vegetables, I suggest combining all of your favorites, because using the same seasonings will help them pair up in the bowl.

Here’s a look inside my favorite lunch:


Brussel sprouts: takes about 10-15 minutes if you cook them on low, which brings out the flavor much better. If you want to indulge, try butter instead of olive oil *heart eye emoji* Source of iron, protein, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, folate, antioxidant properties.

Mushrooms: can be cooked on higher heat and easy to tell when cooked because of their change in appearance. They don’t need much seasoning as when they are fried and steamed, they’re extremely flavorful! Mushrooms are high in antiviral, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

Shrimp: should be cooked on lower heat, and are done once they are pink all the way through. I love to fry my shrimp in a bit of garlic butter. These little guys are a source of protein, selenium which is a cancer-fighting agent, vitamin D, B3, and zinc. Shrimp is also known to be good for hair and skin, and despite rumors of it being high in cholesterol, it is not necessarily bad cholesterol.

Beets: don’t get me started on beets! As a girl with Polish roots, I could eat beets in any form, at any time. For cooking purposes, I buy beets at Costco that are sealed in packages of 3-4 for easy access to them. Beets are considered a superfood, based on their extremely high antioxidant properties, vitamin C and fiber, and are great for your heart. Although they are the highest of all veg in sugar content, the calorie, fat and cholesterol levels are the lowest.

Quinoa: underneath all the veggies, I added some quinoa for extra protein and energy. Most packages of quinoa come with cooking instructions, so follow it closely, but try adding a bit of coconut oil to the boiling water for healthy fats!

Combine all the ingredients, add salt and pepper to the beets, Brussel sprouts and quinoa, squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the entire dish and voila!



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