Last Minute Lovebirds pt. 2 (With Cheese)

Well boys and girls, there’s less than 24 hours until the cheesiest holiday of the year. My last post was a few ideas for people looking to skip the classic V Day dinner routine and do something that warms the ❤️, and it caused me and my babe to discuss how excited we are to have regular people dates instead of FaceTime dates in the near future (44 days, won’t even pretend I’m not counting). He also suggested I make an addendum to my last post, and share with you last minute lovebirds some easy gift ideas. If your girl is not a ‘bouquet of roses’ type of gal (I’m definitely a roses type of gal, the more the better), here are some cheesy, affordable, sweet gifts I think she will love.

1. Anything for two Just a bit of cheese. Couples massage, couples pedicure, couples wine tasting, couples at home wine tasting, couples haircuts… Seriously, anything you two can do at the same time that maybe she usually does alone, will make her happy. Try downloading/buying a movie she really wants to see and bringing it over.

2. Play Romeo Extra cheesy. If you’re going to see your babe on V Day, write her a list of all the things about her that you love (even the weird stuff. Especially the weird stuff). If your handwriting isn’t up to par, even better. She will love that you tried. If it’s long distance, put it in an email for her to look back on when she needs it.

3. Say cheese!Mucho queso. Pick out your favorite photos of the two of you, even the ones she might not expect. If you have a printer, you can find glossy paper at your local office store or even the dollar store, and if not the office store will have a printer to use. (For future reference, Vista Print has an amazing selection of items to customize with photos… I’m talking mugs, calendars, you name it, that you can use to create a cheesy gift for any occasion). Buy a small photo album, add the photos you like, and when you run out of photos write a note about looking forward to the adventures that will fill the rest of your album (or something like that, go for cheese).

4. Last minute spoiling A fine cheese. Does she wear lipstick? Paint her nails? Brave a trip to Sephora (stay with me here)… My babe bought me a beautiful Nars lipstick for Christmas, and it was a bold color I would never buy for myself but was something he said he thought would look good on me. The fact he chose one he wanted to see me in made it my favorite new shade. If she’s not into flowers but she’s into lipstick, you’re in luck. They cost about the same but lipstick lasts much longer!

5. Literally cheese Which makes this suggestion the cheesiest. Pick up a bottle of your girl’s favorite wine (if you have no idea, a few tips:< em>red wines: Apothic Red and Wine Men of Gotham are sweeter, while Vista Point or Copper Moon are a bit more bitter. < em>white wines: Go for a Riesling like Blue Fish or Inniskillin for sweet, try Bear Flag for a bit of in between, or a Chardonnay for more bitter. <<<<<<
re not sure what taste she's into, try a cute label and warn her that you're both trying something new).

Pair the wine (or maybe she's a beer girl? Just don't ask me for suggestions) with a wheel of Brie cheese that you can warm up a bit in the microwave. Brie goes great with jams or berries and crackers. Have a picnic with candles (another dollar store buy if you're on a budget).

6. Peas in a pod Get something matching for the two of you. I’m not suggesting matching tee shirts with each other’s faces on them, but something small. My babe and I love Lokai bracelets (check out their website here), because they’re gender neutral, neat looking, and support different charities! If you’re less worried about a budget, take a peek at Paul Hewitt and their personalized anchor bracelets that are also gender neutral. Not a bracelet guy? How about matching patterned pajamas, an item you both enjoy (one for each of you), etc.

7. Regular Joe I’m out of cheese jokes. If you know her daily routine, like hitting Starbucks before work/school/etc., you can buy a gift card and send it over email ($6 should cover pretty much any grande sized fancy drink, or a coffee & cookie if she likes the simpler things in life). If you know what time she’ll be home at and you’re free, pick up take out and get there a few minutes before her. Have you seen the Internet lately? Girls love food.

8. Maybe it’s just me, but… I found a lovely little $7 bracelet at TOPSHOP (find similar at stores like Claire’s, Ardene, or if you’re skipping a budget try Metalsmiths, or if you wanna be ballllin’ try an actual jewelry store). It was small, delicate and had an “A” inside a rose gold circle (the first letter of babe’s name). Buy your girl a bracelet or necklace with the first letter of your name so you’re constantly with her. (I loved it, I think she will, very rom-com).

9. Mr. Fix it Is there something she needs fixed, painted, etc. in her room? Remind her that chivalry is not dead, and do it for her while she’s out of the house (if she’s supposed to be home all day, get a friend to ask her for coffee or send her for a pedicure if you want to spend a bit $ on her). I’m not saying she’s not a strong independent woman who can do it herself, I’m just saying it definitely adds points to the stud-meter.

10. Go old school If she hasn’t completely conformed to the future yet, she may still have a CD player in her car like me. Or a disc drive on her computer to add to her music library. Compile a list of songs that you two both enjoy and that make you think of her. I suggest going for a combination of slow jams (think Ed Sheeran, Train, John Legend), cheesy songs (Cheerleader by Omi, Ours by Taylor Swift, anything that almost makes you want to throw up in your mouth, but doesn’t actually make you throw up type thing), and some steamier songs (try Drake or Rihanna, Chris Brown). Inside joke songs will get her laughing, but thoughtful lyrics will make her feel loved. Burning a CD on your computer is quite easy, just google the steps!

If you take anything from this article, I hope that it is to opt for personal instead of expensive. I think the reason people feel bitter is because spots like Instagram can make Valentine’s Day seems like a brag fest. Even I get caught up in the hype of it all because I share my special day with so many people, meaning they might get spoiled more than I do. But what’s important is showing your loved one you care, and that in itself can be free! I’m looking forward to texting my babe every hour letting him know how much I love him (just kidding) (kinda kidding) (not really kidding) (I just really love him ok)

Good luck!<<<<<<


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