Good girl revival

I started this blog in August of 2016, while visiting my boyfriend in Europe where he was playing professional hockey at the time. I wanted an outlet to share my adventures, ideas and experiences outside of my personal social media outlets, as too often I hear the judgmental sounds of girls criticizing other girls for ‘trying too hard’ (which in all honesty is probably more like ‘showing their true self’) on social media. I will admit that at times, I fear judgment from others. Although I’m confident in myself and in dancing to the beat of my own drum, I try to avoid unwanted attention. So I decided to start on a private project, The Good Girls Club, where I could share things from my life; all the good stuff. Good travel spots, good online buys, good times, good relationship advice.

I found that after a short time, I became to compare myself to others despite starting this blog for me. I worked harder than I wanted to at creating posts instead of sharing the pictures I naturally gravitated toward taking. The reason I started posting became lost as I kept track of how many followers I was gaining, not fast enough.

I took a break, but now I’m back. After recently graduating from university, I have found a lot of free time to enjoy nature, travel, good friends and food, and myself. So to those who stuck around while I was on a short hiatus, thank you for staying. To those who will come around for the fresh start, welcome! Please don’t be afraid to say hello.



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