Girl Boss

I’m currently sick at home binge-watching Girl Boss on Netflix, a loose (real loose) account of the life of Sophia Amoruso, the gal who created Nasty Gal. The show has me feeling both awkward and inspired by Sophia’s carefree/careless attitude toward getting what she wants. Although the episode I’m currently on involves an argument with her bff about getting booted off Sophia’s MySpace top 8, I’d like to think that if this were 2017, she’d have the same bad ass attitude towards the ‘nasty gals’ on Instagram (I know the brand does not represent these types of girls, but judgmental people on Instagram are just nastyyyyy). I think her attitude toward what people think about her is one to emulate. She doesn’t fake it- even to impress her dad, her boss, her friends, or fellow online sellers when they show up at her doorstep. She lives unapologetically, and there’s really something wonderful about it, especially seeing it through the eyes of a girl who cares (a lot) about what people think and about pleasing others. Although Sophia might be a little bit too self-absorbed in this reality-turned-book-turned-tv show, being a happy medium between the two of us might just make for an invincible outlook on life. As I get older I learn at least once per week that no matter how good your intentions are, you’ll never please everyone. Another thing I learn quite often, is that not everyone, not even a lot of people actually, have even an ounce of altruism inside of them. Some people are out to benefit themselves and use other people as stepping stones as if our spines link together to make a victimized tightrope for them to balance across. Sophia’s attitude is a great one for blocking the haters or for having an online business where cynical comments are only heard by the walls of your apartment turned office, but the way she treats others is irritating to me. I think the key to being a Girl Boss, Boy Boss, Whoever Boss…. is to be a boss in every aspect: business, professionalism, and relationships. That means you do not steal your boyfriend’s fries when he’s saving them to eat with his burger, and you do not face challenges with insults. When I look now at the page of Nasty Gal, I can see that Sophia Amoruso, 33, holds herself with poise, but her styles still keep the bad ass nature of her 23 year old self, so I’m looking forward to season 2 of this kind of hokey, kind of bad ass show.



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