Mindfulness: Appreciating each day for what it is (even if it sucked)

Hello from London! I am currently sitting in Gatwick airport, waiting for time to fly as I occupy myself through a 12 hour layover. Despite leaving Babe after two months of what I can only call pure bliss, I can't honestly say I'm heartbroken to go. I learned a lot about myself, my boyfriend, our… Continue reading Mindfulness: Appreciating each day for what it is (even if it sucked)


Sun-Kissed Suggestions

I really like those books that describe a pale woman's skin with words like "porcelain" or "alabaster" or any other artistic sounding word because I personally am used to hearing things like "Casper" or "pasty" and really who has ever heard of a sexy ghost? Now I am not saying that there's anything wrong with… Continue reading Sun-Kissed Suggestions

4 Ingredient Protein Pancake

Let me start by saying I'm not much of a baker. I love to cook, but when it comes to following a specific recipe, I usually opt for store-bought treats. Also, I'm gluten free. Have I not mentioned that yet? I thought it was the first thing I said. No? Hm. Weird. That's usually how… Continue reading 4 Ingredient Protein Pancake

Crunch time Cardio

I don't know what I dislike more: having a busy day and deciding to skip the gym, despite how much I wish I could go that day... OR going to the gym on a time crunch, only to leave feeling like I didn't use my time wisely enough. I'm a pretty 'thick' girl, so for… Continue reading Crunch time Cardio

Monday Mouthful

Spinach Cons: shrinks when cooked Pros: shrinks when cooked! Okay... So there are a lot more positives towards spinach, one of the leafy greens along with kale, that is considered a superfood. Spinach is low in: calories carbs fats Spinach is high in: Vitamin A (good for eyes, teeth, skin, tissue) Vitamin C (an antioxidant… Continue reading Monday Mouthful

Good morning, healthy body, mind and soul

I have one word for you:Β protein.Β  Whether you are young, old, big or small, chubby or thin:Β eat your protein.Β  I am not a breakfast eater. If I am to have breakfast, it's a slow, lazy meal that I take my time to get around to when I don't have a busy morning. I don't like… Continue reading Good morning, healthy body, mind and soul