Simple & Savoury

As a kid, I was never forced to eat the dreadful Brussel sprouts that were a common joke in sitcoms. At 23 years old, I tried them for the first time and to tell you the truth- I'm obsessed! My babe puts them in a pan on low-medium heat with olive/coconut oil, fries them then… Continue reading Simple & Savoury


I know that guac is extra

That's why I like it chunky! I used four avocados, mashed to desired consistency Then I added half cucumber, one whole tomato, one third red onion, all diced diced To add flavor, I used cayenne pepper, fresh garlic cloves, pepper, sea salt (ground) Normally, I use cilantro leaves (I used mint as a great alternative… Continue reading I know that guac is extra

Guilt free Greek Snacks

I seriously wish I were one of those people who constantly craved a 200 calorie, leafy green salad on the daily. Does that mean I wish I were a rabbit? I don't know. Anyway... I'm not, and my favorite part of a salad is usually the candied nuts, dried or fresh fruit, or cheese (if… Continue reading Guilt free Greek Snacks

4 Ingredient Protein Pancake

Let me start by saying I'm not much of a baker. I love to cook, but when it comes to following a specific recipe, I usually opt for store-bought treats. Also, I'm gluten free. Have I not mentioned that yet? I thought it was the first thing I said. No? Hm. Weird. That's usually how… Continue reading 4 Ingredient Protein Pancake

Good morning, healthy body, mind and soul

I have one word for you:Β protein.Β  Whether you are young, old, big or small, chubby or thin:Β eat your protein.Β  I am not a breakfast eater. If I am to have breakfast, it's a slow, lazy meal that I take my time to get around to when I don't have a busy morning. I don't like… Continue reading Good morning, healthy body, mind and soul