French Festival Fashion

Bonjour semain deux! Mine and Babe's first week together absolutely flew by! It's been amazing spending time together, exploring, and getting to come home to the same place at the end of a fun night. For the past few days, Babe and I have both been feeling under the weather, so on Sunday we decided… Continue reading French Festival Fashion


5 ways to be a hat person

It took me a long time to get into the hat thing. I felt like I looked funny; I started questioning if my head is abnormally large or maybe abnormally small (still not sure) or why I only noticed the size of my head once I put a hat on. I'd see people wearing cute… Continue reading 5 ways to be a hat person

Comfy Street Styleย 

Overdressed > underdressed.  Always.  My friends and family may give me a hard time, even calling me a diva at times, but what can I say; I'd rather be the best dressed at a party than ever under-dressed. Even when I'm out with the boyfriend for an ice cream, I like to be done up.… Continue reading Comfy Street Styleย