I think karma is a funny thing. I don’t know that it exists (how can we?), but I’d like to think that when you do good things, you bring good fortune upon yourself.

More importantly, I think that if you have the ability to help others, you should.

I consider myself a fortunate person, and I want to make a change. I’d be lying if I said I was good with managing with my time, because I have always been an extreme procrastinator and known for showing up fashionably late. I know thats a wimpy excuse for not donating my time, but I want to give back in a way that I can keep up with. With my boyfriend several thousand miles away, I don’t know where I’ll be in a year, never mind six months. But I know where my wallet will be, and I know that’s one way I can make a change.

For every thousand followers, I’ll be donating money to a charity of my choice.

Once I reach 1000 followers on Instagram, I will be donating to our local homeless shelter.

Change Starts Here!